“Alexis, I want you to be honest now, or as honest as you can be. When you’re moving your arms around and these waves are doing everything you tell them to do – to your beck and call – and you have this power – does it make you feel a little bit like Jesus!?” National Irish Radio, News Talk Interview

“It was performed after the Duke of Edinburgh opened the university’s new £19million Marine Building, which contains the 35m by 15m tank.”Daily Mail Online

“Alexis Kirke waves his arms and a storm of jumbled, breaking waves is accompanied by a tempest of electronic music. Another gesture and, like the sea god Neptune, he restores calm, so that the hundreds of spectators gathered round the ocean wave tank might be able to see their reflections…So sophisticated is the control of the tank’s 24 paddles that Kirke was able to generate a tiny wave that sprang out of an otherwise flat surface, tossing a metre-wide buoy into the air and leaving the audience open-mouthed.” Evening Herald

Originated by Alexis Kirke. Co-created by Alexis Kirke and Samuel Freeman. Commissioned by and premiered at Plymouth University Marine Institute. Supported by Plymouth University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research.

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