“An intensely beautiful experience” Drowned in Sound 2015.

” an exuberant, fugue-like piece that recast the musicians as elements in an electrical circuit.” Focus Magazine

“The idea is based on a concept of Kirke’s called melodic processing, and works on the idea of computation using melodies instead of silicon chips. It’s like programming using music, where different notes and sequences can act as input values.” Vice / The Creators Project

“His composition Orchestral Processing Unit opens up Saturday’s gala evening of live orchestral performances featuring the local Ten Tors orchestra. Orchestral Processing Unit makes use of methods ingrained in computing and the calculations that go on inside a computer chip, and translates them into a musical score, with gaps that get filled in by the calculations of the orchestra itself. Binary codes is reinterpreted as musical melodies, and the Ten Tors orchestra pulsate in a powerfully pretty and pointillistic Reichian performance piece, interpreting the name of the composer’s daughter as written in binary code. ” Tristan Bath, Drowned in Sound 2015.

Premiered at Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2015. Explanatory video below:


Video of the premiere with the Ten Tors Orchestra conducted by Simon Ible: