Extracts from a publication on Insight, a performance for hallucination simulation and flute:

“The USA Palinopsia Foundation are using a video demo of the iPhone version of our software to introduce their webpage. The following is a quote from a comment received anonymously as a result of the writer viewing a video of the Insight performance (sic): “I have been suffering from these visals for about 14 years now, its only been in last few months that ive been learning about palinopsia and also hppd, i felt relieved knowing there was a name for something i have been suffering with for many years and just thought i was going mad…im really interested in talking to you i have just gone on the website you provided and was amazed by what you have done its exactly what i see.” (sic) This also shows how the performance itself can be an effective vehicle for education as well as for raising awareness about the symptoms. A link to the video the person is referring to is given at the end of this paper. The next three quoted messages are from people who watched a demo of the simulator on Youtube: “hi, I watched your iphone/ipad hallucination software video. Never ever thought I would find anyone else with this condition. I too have been suffering with it for almost a year now. I don’t experience the trails but definitely the afterimages.”  “I have had visual echoes for a month now and this is comforting that this isn’t something much more serious.”  “Thank you so much for this video… it allowed me to show people i love what i see when i have palinopsia, which is quite hard to describe just with words. Thanks!!” (sic)

Originated by Alexis Kirke. Co-created by Alexis Kirke and Joel Eaton. Commissioned by and premiered at Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2012. Supported by Plymouth University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research.

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