Concept by Alexis Kirke, Cathy McCabe and Part Exchange Co. Score and Musical Direction by Alexis Kirke. Commissioned by Part Exchange Co. Supported by Plymouth University, Peninsula Arts, and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research.

“Drive-In Deco is hard to explain but worth seeing. It is a drive-in cinema experience – you take your car along to Colin Campbell Car Park on Western Approach in Plymouth. Tune in your car radio to the right frequency and the sound comes straight to you, and you’ll learn the forgotten past of one of Plymouth’s few remaining pre-war buildings – the old car showroom from the 1930’s. Fictional Character Mr Smith takes you on a journey to discover more about this building and the people that have lived and worked in it over the last 80 or so years – the building also has its own persona, Gloria who is incredibly sad that she has been hidden away stuck in a carpark, unnoticed by so many passers-by. The team use dance, music, sound and light to enhance the experience, and I definitely went away thinking of Plymouth in a fresh light. The story was based on some research by architecture students from the University of Plymouth, so even though it may seem quite tongue-in-cheek there is a serious underlying message to the story portrayed on the big screen. You’ll find out more about Colin Campbell (the carpark’s namesake) and also how this building played a part in the city’s history. “ Devon Life

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