“…it boggled the mind in a pleasing way, and it was a wonderful sight when the particles danced to Matthias’s [violin] strains.” The Guardian

“Kirke’s other projects include ‘Sunlight Symphony’…’Insight’…Many Worlds. ‘Cloud Chamber’ is still my favorite. I hope you enjoy it, too.” Jennifer Oulette, Scientific American

“The kind of music we heard from Alexis today is really about the predictiveness of this macroscopic world and unpreditability of the microscopic world, coming from this display of cosmic rays effecting  the familiar classical tune the violinist played. And that combination’s exactly were we work in. So it was really fascinating to me. So I hope that Alexis will keep up this work, and it was fascinating music today. “ Hitoshi Murayama, Professor of Physics at Berkeley and Director of the Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the Universe at the University of Tokyo

“I had this wonderful opportunity of hearing this modern piece of music that combines cloud chamber science with a very nice interpretation of that. So the work is exquisite, and I liked it – it not only captured the essence of the randomness of the cosmic rays generating the image in a cloud chamber, also at the same time it interprets them musically and that brings out both the natural randomness and the beauty of music. So I enjoyed it thoroughly.” Chang Kee Jung, Professor of Physics, State University of New York, Stony Brook, Professor of High Energy Physics, University of Tokyo


Originated by Alexis Kirke. Co-created by Alexis Kirke, Antonino Chiaramonte, Anna Troisi and Eduardo Miranda. Commissioned by and premiered at Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2011, with John Matthias on violin. Supported by Plymouth University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research. Second performance at Rutherford-Appleton Laboratories by the ISIS proton accelerator, with violinist Ben Heaney. Below is a video of the international premiere at California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, with violinist Alina Polonsk.

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