Alexis Kirke is a composer and filmmaker well-known for his interdisciplinary practice (he has been called “the Phillip K. Dick of contemporary music”). He is a member of the Plymouth University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research in the South-West of England, and is composer-in-residence for the Plymouth Marine Institute – the UK leader in Marine research and work on sustainability, marine pollution and conservation. Alexis has completed two PhDs, one in Arts and one in Technology. He has worked as a Project Manager and a Stock Market Analyst (where he developed some of the foundation concepts of the industry textbook ‘Optimal Trading Strategies’), and has published articles on Algorithmic Composition and Performance. Alexis is a poet and critic who has written for publications such as Terrible Work, Oasis, Tremblestone (UK) and Transmog (US). He has also been invited to read at Glastonbury Festival, and was editor of the UK’s first poetry webzine ‘Brink’.

Alexis’ talk invites include BBC Research and Development and the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Media and websites Alexis’ music projects have been featured on include BBC Radio 3, 4 and World Service, CBC, Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail, Gramophone, Classical Music, New Scientist, Scientific American, NME, Mashable, Trendhunter, MusicTech and PSFK. His film work has been featured on BBC TV, NPR, Indiewire,, El Pais, The Verge, Filmmaker, Stuff, The Times, Al Jazeera TV, Gizmodo, and Digital Filmmaker.  However his proudest moment was a cartoon attacking his opera in the Sunday Times.

Alexis Kirke’s work is supported by Plymouth University’s Peninsula Arts and Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research.

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